Hey, Manipulation...

Big Tobacco's latest products (things like pouches, little cigars and dissolvable tobacco) can look, smell or taste just like candy. You know, the stuff kids eat. And that's not a coincidence. It's a coldhearted attempt to trick us into trying tobacco.

...meet Delicious.

Cherry, grape, cool mint, yum. But there's something hiding under all that Big T sweet. Like cancer–causing chemicals. Loads of addictive nicotine. And disgusting ingredients normally found in cleansers, poisons and, uh, human waste. Very un–yum.

There's just no limit to how manipulicious Big Tobacco can get.

Five images of product packaging with labels blurred out. Three are tobacco products, and two are candy products.

We've blurred out the brand names on the products below. Some are candy, some are definitely not.
Can you pick out Big Tobacco's kid–tempting look–alikes?

Roll over each image to reveal the truth

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